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3D Holograms

Australia’s largest 3D Hologram supplier

Looking for a way to cut through the clutter and make a big impact for large activations or to grab the attention of retail foot traffic in busy shopping centres? The Media Shop is Australia’s largest 3D hologram supplier. 3D holograms are the perfect way to bring your product to life and take your brand to the next level. Our displays are easy to use and portable and give you the option of delivering multiple different messages to suit different campaigns all within a single 3D holographic display.

What is Holographic advertising?

The Media Shop have the exclusive rights to bring you multi-functional holographic advertising displays that allow you to create inspiring product and brand presentations in shops, flagship stores and shopping centres.

Through the use of holographic technology real products can be “brought to life” in a mesmerizing and memorable fashion. This state of the art technology combined with special glass allows images to appear to be ‘freely floating in space’ around your product.

The real benefits of Holographic advertising come from the stunning visual effects. We use custom produced 3D animations that perfectly match the real product for maximum impact and can also integrate movies and product images. The Media Shop will also take care of the whole process for you from the initial idea right through to the production and display.

Benefits of 3D Holographic advertising

There are plenty of benefits associated with using Holographic advertising here are some of the most notable:

Eye Catching: the 3D nature of the displays allow for an unrestricted view of the product.

Length of Stay: Because of the unique aspect of the free floating products customers are generally drawn in and stay the entire length of the film (on average 2 minutes)

Sales Promotion: When tested in a retail market an increase of between 200%-300% was recorded.

Placement: Due to the uniquely appeal nature of the display holographic advertising is generally placed in high traffic areas.

Individualisation: displays can be custom built and can accommodate content and product changes.

Energy Saving: By using state of the art technology this means power consumption is extremely low (about 18W).

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