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LED displays

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The Media Shop bring you the latest in LED display signage to help promote your brand and engage your customers. Traditional advertising mediums such as billboards and shop-front signage can lack the ‘wow’ factor necessary to catch your audience’s attention. LED displays are a captivating and impactful advertising medium that can enhance your brand, promote interaction with customers and take your company to the next level. LED displays uses light-emitting diodes to form a large display screen.

Originally this medium was primarily used outdoors for store signs and billboards, however, as the technology has evolved and become more widely used indoor screens are now popular and available through The Media Shop. Aside from being used to create signage LED lights can also be used as a form of lighting to enhance your display or activation.

The Media Shop can provide an end– to –end solution, for all your signage requirements. We offer both, indoor and outdoor LED displays and also offer, the option of creating custom designed units along with renting displays. Our LED’s come in P2, P4, P6, P7.2 and P10 for indoor application and P7.2, P10, P12, P16, P20 and P25 for outdoor use.


When you think of Times Square the first thing that comes to mind are the breathtaking LED billboards that captive tourists from around the world. There are many advantages of LED displays over traditional displays, but here are a few of note:

  • LED billboards are more captivating and engaging than traditional billboards
  • LED billboards can also be changed quickly and with ease so they are always relevant and up to date as opposed to traditional billboards which need to be manually updated.
  • LED signage looks professional and polished giving your company that all important good first impression.
  • Because LED signage can be accessed from any internet accessible location this provides the option of running different content in different locations.
  • Digital signage can also be both frequently and easily updated resulting in significant savings associated with production and installation costs.
  • Can be used to play any type of media from images to videos.


Indoor LED:

Indoor LED signs are perfect for advertising and activations in shopping centres, multi-media displays, retail outlets and showrooms. The Media shop will customise your indoor display to make sure it perfectly fits your desired space. Indoor LED signs are a perfect way to captivate customers, drawing their eye to products and, overall, increasing sales.

Indoor LED displays are visually appealing and exciting and are sure to catch the eye of passing potential customers.

Outdoor LED:

Are you looking for a sure fire way to make your business stand out from the crowd? Outdoor LED signage is a great way to provide your business with eye catching and attractive display to engage potential customers. Outdoor LED displays are much more engaging and interactive than their traditional signage counterparts and are capable of increasing your businesses visibility as well as overall sales.

Outdoor LED signs are typically comprised of a high brightness LED sign with sturdy waterproof in-built cabinet to allow your sign to endure the outdoor elements. These types of signs are perfect as a business sign for commercial uses, for community use such as for scoreboards and generally any person or business that wants to raise brand awareness in an engaging and eye catching way.

Portable LED

Portable LED are one of the latest LED screen developments. These screens are fully self-contained and portable on a trailer with built-in software these screens are perfect for outdoor advertising. These are extensively used by major car dealers and retailers across the country. Easy to update and change content using our CMS system.

So of the features of these portable LED screens include:

  • P10 High Resolution Screens
  • Hydraulic Lift allowing for the screen to be raised up to 3.5m from the ground 360 degree rotation for adjustable viewing angle
  • 240 volt self-contained generator
  • Ability to display multiple mediums from images to video content
  • LED screen is multifunctional and can be sued as a billboard or scoreboard