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Guerrilla marketing

The guerrilla marketing experts

The Media Shop specialises in a range of guerrilla marketing mediums including street poster installation, street chalking, water stencilling, pavement stickers, light projections, street art, traffic buzzers and guerrilla installations.

Find out how your business can benefit from any of the guerrilla marketing services we have to offer.


Our Guerrilla marketing services include:

Street poster installation

Street posters are heavily used in the music industry and are a great alternative to traditional large format billboards. They also offer a perfect means to target young audiences. View our street poster installations.

Street chalking

Street chalking is done on a guerrilla basis on footpaths across Australia. The average lifespan is between 2 to 4 days depending on traffic and of course rain. View our street chalk art


Water stencilling

Water advertising has a proven track record of generating huge awareness amongst the media and target consumers alike and is the ultimate medium for highly targeted natural marketing and advertising. View our water stencilling art


Pavement stickers

Pavement stickers and decals are done on a guerrilla basis. They are placed on high traffic locations, and taken off once the campaign is finished. View our pavement sticker installations.

Light projections

Light projections are achieved by using a high-powered projector.  We turn an empty wall in a high traffic area to a digital canvas of your brand. View our light projection installations 

Traffic buzzers

Stickers are placed upon the pedestrian crossing buzzers. They are a cheeky yet clever way of advertising, in a very cost effective way. View our traffic buzzer sticker installations.


Street art

Guerilla street art are one of the most impactful and publicly embraced forms of outdoor advertising. View our street art installations.